Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Practice Blog Post

I will give a fair warning. I am a very candid person because we are supposed to be adults here. I do not use profane language or try insult people, but I do believe that if I have the opportunity to express myself on a site like this then I should be able to kick back admire having an excuse to tell the truth without punishment. I am twenty years old and I am married to my loving husband Kelvin. At first I might seem kind of bitter, but I am a very understanding person and I entered education to prove to students in an honest way that teachers can be helpful to their lives. I attend the University of South Alabama.

I honestly came to the University of South Alabama for one reason--low tuition. I can admit that the campus is increasingly gaining an esthetic quality about it because of the landscaping by the humanities building and whatnot. Any who, I have to confess that I do not like talking about my family much unless I'm talking about my mother who I love and my parents-in-law. My family is loony like everybody's family. Nobody has a normal family. Nobody really likes to talk about their family unless they have good things to say like: "Oh, me and my family visit the YMCA on Tuesdays, or me and my family actually use the dinning table for family fun night."

family sitting at the table talking on the phone With the usage of technology increasing, we all are in denial if we hesitate to admit that it hinders "family time." What is family now? Our cellphones? Our computers? Our television programs? The strange Facebook friends we acquire for the sake of having more Facebook friends than the next guy? Even though I have family I do not know them as well as I should. I wish my family could be more closely tied together, but some of them are already engaged to technology and drama. I do love my husband. I really love my husband mostly because I can be completely honest with him as he does with me and that means I trust him with everything including the things I compose on my spare time.

In my spare time I write books because it's a hobby I adopted years ago after my mother was ill. It became something that helped me get away from my problems and anguish. I strive to get better at it and enjoy doing it more than anything on the internet. I guess I can say I am both happy and frustrated with being technology illiterate because it's my passion. Writing keeps me from being immersed with technology. Just last month I reached my 70,000 word milestone in one of my novels. I really enjoy writing which makes it the primary reason why I decided to teach English and the reason why I am more comfortable with who I am as a person.

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