Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Post 10

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Randy Pausch's last lecture is by far one of the most inspirational lecture's I've ever seen ever. In his video, he lectured about pursuing your dreams and never letting the "brick wall" stop you. He accomplished all of his dreams and paved the path to helping others see their dreams. He died six months after the lecture because of an illness, but we can all learn that life is short--go for your dreams! He empathizes that we have to live life with others, never be depressed, and be proud of what we can do and achieve.

What can teachers learn from him? What did he teach?

Teaching and learning are beneficial with one, simple phrase. Perseverance and willing to accept humility.
I say perseverance because when you work hard, results show. They won't show instantly, but they do show. Teachers can learn to put extensive effort in rubric and lesson plans. I learned very quickly that if a teacher seems lazy, then the students won't care either.

Main Lesson for Teaching: Randy says, "Teach something while they are learning something else."

How do you do that?

It's simple and like Project Based Learning(PBL). If we teachers decide to incorporate (PBL) into our classroom then we'd be teaching our students collaboration, citizenship, and skills they'll need their entire life.
I know when they do a group presentation on a project they are proving their knowledge on the subject, but they are also learning public speaking, linguistics and professionalism. In Dr. Strange's class we seem to be learning about blogging, but we are really learning to watch what we post on the internet, publication of work, networking, collaboration, and much more than I should explain on this specific assignment.
Main Lesson for Learning: Randy says, "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted today."
I completely understood what he meant when he preached that.
Let me back up and explain that sometimes inspirational words of wisdom never make sense unless you experienced a sense of failure in pursing your dream.
an inspiring phrase in the universe

In my experience from last year, an experience I'll never forget, I queried over sixty New York literary agents my favorite book. I thought it was a great book. It was 52,000 words and one of my best composed pieces compared to all the others I've done in all my eight years of writing. All sixty of the agents rejected my proposal(they reject 99% of proposals). I was frustrated, but I didn't let the brick wall stop me. Now I am still refurbishing the same book which is now 90,000+ words and it's better than before because I gained experience and learned from my mistakes. I'll be ready to try again before the end of the year because I work hard on it everyday.

Whether it's in the classroom or outside in the world, life experience teaches you everything even when you didn't get what you wanted. As far as learning is concerned, from Randy I learned that failure is very vital in the learning process. Without it I can't advance to get better.


  1. "Teaching and learning is beneficial with one, simple phrase." Use are instead of is.

    "I say perseverance because when you work hard results show" I would put a comma after hard.

    "It feels good too." What feels good? I think this should be worded a little differently or not used at all.

    "....of failure in pursing your dream." Pursuing

    "I thought it was a decent book." You should say you thought it was a GREAT book or something besides decent, you say later in the paragraph that it was your favorite piece.

    When using Randy Pausch's quotes, I would quote him after each one so the audience knows it's his.

    I really enjoyed watching his video as well.

    Other than the few grammatical errors, good job this week! I think we all learned a great deal from Randy Pausch.

    Melissa Canterbury

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Right now I'm in the process of making drastic corrections to everything, so I am taking this into consideration.

  2. "... I've ever seen ever. " You could omit the last ever.

    Keep at it!

    Thoughtful. Interesting, especially when you discuss why I have you blog.

    Well done.

  3. I love your personal experience piece at the end of the post!