Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Progress Report on PLN #1

What can I say? It's an interesting useful tool. I can access some of the apps I would need in English class like Purdue Owl (Citation Machine). Before I can make it to English class I have to know if it's going to rain. Bam! Weather Channel App! I also have my email apps, my banking app, and quick access to all of my social media spots.

My Symbaloo homepage
My Symbaloo Homepage

Hangout notifications
My Google Plus Hangout notifications after using Symbaloo

During project nine, I can use Symbaloo to access all of the tools I might need during my podcast.  For example, I have Google Plus, and I can easy record hangouts. When I refer back to my Symbaloo homepage, I can click on the Youtube app to visit my Video Manager in order to view the hangout. I am satified with it, but I can see the other tiles having more diverse buddies in the near future as I explore Symbaloo more.

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