Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blog Post 9

This is my edited presentation.


  1. Slide 2: I am not sure makes... is the right word here. For some OK but provides would be better (and would require some revising of bullets).

    Slide 3: remove with after educators.

    Teachers, not just administrators (slides 4 and 5). Wikipedia has gotten a bad rap. It is actually very useful. Current political and "notable" people and companies try to manipulate it. Even that, however, provides a valuable opportunity for learning to vet materials properly

    Slide 7: inconsistent spacing (centered and left justified - but top line of left justified is out of alignment). Things like this get an audience off track.

    You should also know about DiscoveryEd. Next semester students will have to cover both, not one. My mistake but I suggest you find out about DiscoveryEd as well.

    1. As a future English teacher, should I allow my students to use Wikipedia but make them keep it to a minimum? Should they have a supporting source to justify the Wikipedia source they chose to use in a paper?