Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog Post 11

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

I don't have a younger sibling in elementary school, so it's been a while since I've stepped into a first grade classroom. Yesterday, I saw a video from Moose Jaw, Canada, and in a way I finally stepped into a first grade classroom by watching the video Little Kids...Big Potential. Her class introduced the technology they use on a regular basis.
They create blogs to improve their writing, use laptops to read webpages,compose Wikipages to teach other students, and play Nintendo.

I have to add that I loved the "Graduating class of 2025" sign that was on the door. It gives students a light they can see at the end of a narrow path.

During the beginning of Dr. Strange's interview, Ms. Cassidy gave us an introduction about how she incorporated the internet and technology into her lesson plan. She was suddenly given computers and internet access, so she used it to entertain her first graders.

Techniques I can learn from Ms. Cassidy:

  • Use blogs to present a parent their child's progression. 
  • Use the internet to let children play educational games.
  • Use Facebook to post announcements for class discussions.
  • Use Blogger to network.

blogger sign in page

 Since I want to teach high school English, I think it's wise to let the students build a network through blogger. With this method, they can branch out to college students that attend their dream college and learn more about the school from a student's perspective. They can begin networking with others that work in their desired career field and gain some advice. There are so many ways they can benefit because they are high school students on the verge of entering the world!
My students, however, have to be aware of the creepers. Ms. Cassidy told her students not to post pictures of themselves or reveal their last name. I can tell my students the same. Also, the creepers might try to pose as their role models, so I'll warn my students not give any personal information.
The benefits that I can anticipate from Ms. Cassidy's approach is recognition and admiration from others. If I were to make my own blog, network with other writers, literary agents, and readers, then I can benefit from having connections that will carry me towards my dreams.
As for my students, I can anticipate them being better decision makers and knowing more information that drives them towards their future. Go networking!


  1. "which is odd, but different" why use odd and different in the same parenthetical remark?

    Good ideas. Make it happen.

    Well done.

  2. Sherri,
    I thought the same as Dr. Strange with "odd" and "different", but I know what you mean!

    "I have to add that I loved the "Graduating class of 2025" sign that was on the door. It gives students a light they can see at the end of a narrow path." Great point of view!!!

    I liked your idea of having your high school students communicate with college students. I loved visiting colleges and speaking with students at the colleges I visited. I hope you use this idea in your classroom!

    Great post this week, keep up the good work!


  3. Good job. Blogger will be a great tool for your high school english class.