Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Post One

This week I read Mr. Jabiz Raisdana's blog Intrepid Teacher. I read his exciting May 29th post. He finally received permission from an activity director to teach his passion in a class called The History of Rock and Roll. He teaches middle school, so I found it extraordinary that he could balance his passion and teaching. I've been told it's almost impossible to do both.
guitars in a circle

My comment: That is so wonderful that you get to share your passion with your students. Along the way you might even meet some students that will want to expand what they learn in your class! It’ll be exciting because I know it’s hard for teachers to juggle their other passions and their career. I’m trying to be an English teacher and I write novels too. I’m scared it’ll be too hard for me to tend to both.

Post Two

This week I read Ms. Raisdana's April 17th post Formula for Engagement. He passionately explains his experience in teaching writing to thirteen-year-old eighth graders. From what I interpreted, it seems like his students wanted to fictionalize historical events. If that's true, then that is amazing and creative! After illustrating the way his students pecked their keyboards, Mr. Raisdana emphasized challenging students.

I won't make my students write a book, but I do want to make writing a habit for them so they can acquire insight about themselves. It worked for me. I shrug right now hoping I can do the same for my English students.

My comment: While I read this post I couldn’t help but to recall my eighth grade year. I love to write, and that’s the exact year I decided to be a published author. If you look at my blog you’d see that I blabber about it all the time. I do it because I came a long way from where I started, a poor English student. Keep encouraging those students to write! I love it!

I can't wait to see my responses! I swear these C4Ts make me feel like a little, curious kid again. Is that the purpose of them?


  1. Jabiz is a male. he is the father of Kaia. See the link Kaia and Room 10 - Why Blogs and Commenting on Blogs Is So important which is in the right column on the Class Blog under Essential Links to Valuable Resources. You should read the post.

    " I swear these C4Ts make me feel like a little, curious kid again. Is that the purpose of them?" :) !


    1. Thank you so much for catching that embarrassing mistake. I'll be sure to check gender next time I highlight another person in a blog post.

  2. Sherri,

    Excellent post and comments! I also want to be an author someday, which is why I run a book blog. After this class is over, I suggest you do the same thing and start building connections to other writers. There is a large network out there of aspiring authors blogging about their experiences and sharing tips with their networks. Good luck!